Personalized Nutrition: The Hottest Trend in Health & Wellness

Personalized nutrition is the hottest trend in health and wellness. From customized ingredients to wearables and in-home testing, it’s all about targeting specific goals to achieve optimal results. Each person has a unique biochemistry, metabolism, genetics, and microbiota. No two human beings are exactly alike.

So what does this mean for the wellness industry? Simply put, it could mean everything. Products may contain the highest quality ingredients, but results will vary. Some products target a wide variety of goals or something very specific, but often with limited reach. The bottom line is, customizable options are for everyone and provide consumers with control over their results. The past year has revealed many conflicting perspectives. But a singular goal is universal: gaining greater control over individual health and wellness.

What is Personalized Nutrition?

Personalized nutrition, known initially as clinical nutrition, refers to the science, process, and products that take an individualized approach to dietary health. It’s aimed at achieving optimal wellness by addressing the root cause of chronic health issues. Food and supplements are tailored to provide optimal therapeutic impact.  “Personalized nutrition…leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that prevent, manage, and treat disease and optimize health…” — Bush, Blumberg, El-Sohemy, Minich, Ordovas, Reed, Behm, 2019

Personalized Nutrition Serves Unique Biological Needs

Each person has a unique biology. Therefore, personalized nutrition can provide the most significant results because it serves individual biological needs.[1] According to the American Nutrition Association, “Personalized nutrition holds the greatest potential to solve the chronic disease epidemic.”  Plus, when a product is personalized, solutions are placed directly into the hands of each individual.

Tracking Personalized Nutrition

Beyond food and supplements, personalized health tools have exploded onto the personalized nutrition scene.  Wearable devices, in-home testing, and wellness trackers are among the top three wellness trends in 2021[2]. Whether the goal is to form daily habits or inform advanced goal setting, trackers provide data-supported insight, motivation, convenience, and a true sense of control in optimizing wellness.  Brands like Fitbit now offer analysis on skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, electrodermal activity, and REM sleep cycles. Whoop is another wearable device that not only tracks sleep and recovery but also provides coaching support.

Personalized Supplements with Personalized Goals

The supplements industry offers a wide range of supplements for personalized goals. It ranges from minimal personalization like low-cost, over-the-counter products to maximum personalization in genetic- and microbiome-based solutions. Finding the right supplements to incorporate into a personalized regime can be daunting. Most consumers are looking to maximize results with a minimal amount of ingredients or products.

Carnosine is one such ingredient that works naturally within the body by providing multi-system support[3]. It promotes muscle quality and function, supports healthy circulation and already-healthy blood pressure levels. As a powerful antioxidant, carnosine also has strong anti-glycation properties to help protect the brain and support cognitive function. SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is the most efficient way to boost carnosine levels in the body. Achieving those optimal levels will provide what the body needs for immune support, bone and heart health, and mood balancing.

Consumers Want Products that are Clinically Proven Safe and Effective

Scientists and doctors at major universities have rigorously studied SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine. Research shows measurable improvement in muscle function and capacity, sharpened mental focus and concentration, and the reduction of harmful free radicals with elevated carnosine levels through beta-alanine supplementation.*

A recent study[4] was conducted on the military during a physically and mentally intensive training exercise that suggested these therapeutic effects. Results revealed that even a single week of high-dose beta-alanine ingestion can enhance the anti-inflammatory response. Similarly, in a 28-day study[5] on female athletes, supplementation with beta-alanine was shown to increase peak torque and work completed, an improvement on lower-body exercise performance. In another study[6] nondiabetic individuals were randomly assigned to 2 grams carnosine daily or a placebo for twelve weeks. An increase in fasting insulin and insulin resistance was hampered in individuals receiving carnosine compared to the placebo. Two-hour glucose and insulin were both found to be lower after carnosine supplementation compared to the placebo control group.

SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine boosts carnosine levels in a sustained-release formula. It’s a game-changer for personalized nutrition, optimal wellness, and healthy aging. It not only benefits your consumers, but it’s great for your business, too. So whether you are a healthcare practitioner or a natural products brand looking for the latest in health science innovation, we’re here to help you offer something revolutionary. Choose SR CarnoSyn® in your preferred formulation.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.







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